• Capacity to support and withstand external high loads by minimizing stress concentrations at foundations thus permitting construction on poor or marginal soils.
  • Inherently flexible to tolerate significant external post construction movements or deformation without loss of structural integrity.
  • Unlimited structure heights.
  • Ease and predictable installation, even for contractors without previous experience.
  • Custom in house engineering design to include loading behaviour, internal stability, seismic considerations, drainage and hydraulic effects.
  • Tested and proven quality controlled components for durability and higher life-cycle cost value.
  • Precast concrete facing, produced to CSA specifications.
  • Hot rolled galvanized steel strips or ladder reinforcement with positive high strength bolted connection.
  • Select granular fill to minimize fill placement, drainage and long-term consolidation.
  • Attractive or anti-graffiti architectural facing available to enhance project aesthetics.
  • Significant savings against conventional CIP (Cast In Place).
  • Cost competitive against other MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Embankments) of equal design values.

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