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Aberdeen Avenue False Bridge Abutment, St. John's, Newfoundland

Total length of wall is 75.0m, the maximum height 7.0m, the total area is 375 m2 , the wall finish is Architectural Grave, the coping is u-shaped pre-cast and the structure type is false bridge abutment.

This structure type was chosen due to the success of Carrick Drive installed earlier in the year. The architectural grave finish, in Newfoundland Works, Services and Transportation opinion, proved it’s value added aspect and became a standard for structures in the province of Newfoundland.

Trident Construction Ltd. was awarded the construction contract, and again chose Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. to design and supply the structure based on past performance. Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. exceeded the delivery schedule to produce another quality structure on the developing Outer Ring Road in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bishops Falls TechSpan, Newfoundland

This project was tendered through contractors by Newfoundland Works, Services & Transportation. The contract was awarded to Sun Construction Ltd. of St. John’s, NF. Sun awarded the pre-cast arch and associated MSE walls to Reinforced Earth based on schedule, competitive pricing and engineering reputation.

The structure is a record size at the time for Canada at 18.5m span 6.40m rise x 16.37m long and has a minimum cover above the crown of 900mm. The contractor used Capital Crane to install the arch, who had previous experience on Grand Falls and Ocean Pond TechSpan’s. The structure was installed and backfilled with great success.

Georgia Pacific Surge Tunnel, Nova Scotia

Georgia Pacific (GP) Mining Canada required expansion of their gypsum mining operation in Nova Scotia, due to the mine extraction limits nearing its end at the Sugar-Camp Mine. The critical schedule demanded a new structure to be built on-time without delay. Contractors and suppliers had to guarantee the timely delivery and performance structure at the new Melford Mine.  The project consultants CBCL Limited proposed a Techspan reclaim tunnel complete with suspended vibratory feeders to feed a conveyor that transferred the crushed material. The selected 9.9m span arch required enough head-room to accept, crush material, and expel the processed gypsum by means of a conveyor system while resisting the surcharge pressure of the stockpile above. The project was successfully completed on time and budget in 2002,.

Margaree Harbour, Nova Scotia

In 2001, the Nova Scotia department of Transportation and Public Works decided to replace the existing bridge over the Margaree River.  The bridge is a critical link to the famous Cabot Trail tourist attraction.   The identified soils at the site posed a significant uncertainty and a potentially large settlement was expected. A design of a RECo False Bridge abutment with extended wing walls was selected. The general contractor raced to a very tight schedule, needing to complete the in stream work and bridge seat before the winter ice arrived.  With the first phase of the project successfully completed, work could continue through the winter on the superstructure.  The modular Terraclass system easily lent itself to the phased work schedule, allowing the contractor to select the most optimum phasing of the work.  The 11 m high, 1300 m2 of Terraclass false abutment and retaining wall was built with an overall length of 500 m. Due to the construction method selected, all the milestones dates were met and the gateway to the Cabot Trail opened one month ahead of schedule.

Rte #17, New Brunswick

St. Isidore Asphalte Ltée awarded a  3000 m2 TerraTrel wall project to RECo in the fall of 1997 based on sound engineering and strategic pricing at time of tender. Total length of wall  500 m with a maximum height of wall equal to 12.5 m. The owners, NB DOT and St. Isidore Asphalte were pleased with the continued engineering services RECO provided throughout the construction process.

WHRC Rail Bridge, Nova Scotia

Owner - Nova Scotia Department of Transportation & Public Works
Length 112 m, Maximum Height 11.0 m, Area 550 m2
Unique features - Rail Structure, accelerated schedule
Installed July 2003, operational October 2003
General Contractor - Dexter

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