Bridge Abutment

There are two types of Reinforced Earth abutments.

  • True” abutments support the horizontal and vertical loads applied at the bridge seat, which sits directly on the Reinforced Earth volume.
  •  “False” bridge abutments the bridge seat is supported on piles.

A Reinforced Earth bridge abutment consists of a Reinforced Earth retaining wall designed to support the earth pressures behind it as well as the heavy concentrated vertical and horizontal surcharge loads imposed by the bridge superstructure and traffic loading.  Superstructure and traffic loading are transferred from the bridge seat to the Reinforced Earth volume where the forces are subsequently distributed, resulting in lower bearing pressures on the foundation soils.

Reinforced Earth technology makes it possible to construct bridge abutments on softer soils and special foundations are not required.

Bridge abutments are not restricted to vehicular traffic, RECo bridge abutments support rail grade separations and heavy industrial loadings.

Road Over Rail and Stream

Road Over Road

False Abutment supports bridge approach.

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