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We have a catalog of Technical Papers written about the design principles of Reinforced Earth and Case Studies summarizing previous built projects. 


No. Technical Paper Conference Year Author's Select
1 Reinforced earth - a case history (La terre armee - une application) C.R. Coll. Int. Renforcement des Sols. Paris 1979 Wandschneider H.P., Thibault P.
2 Reinforced earth in a freezing environment (La terre armee dans les pays froids) C.R. Coll. Int. Renforcement des Sols. Paris 1979 Robinsky E.I., Mora P.H.
3 Reinforced Earth Bridge Supporting Structures TAC Conference 1985 P.Wu, H.Wandschneider
4 Construction of Reinforced Earth Abutment Walls at the Harvey Creek Crossing CSCE Conference 1986 B.Brockbank, D.Weinreb
5 Design & Construction of Precast Concrete Arch Structure CSCE Conference 1991 P.Wu, D.Weinreb
6 Construction of a Marginal Wharf Using Reinforced Earth Technology International Harbour Congress 1992 B.Noel, D.Weinreb
7 Use of Oil Sand for Construction of a Reinforced Earth Dump Wall CGS Conference 1992 B.Brockbank, B.Scherger, G.Kalynchuk
8 Reinforced Earth Structures Built Underwater The New Brunswick Experience CSCE Conference 1993 B.Noel, B.Brockbank
9 Application of the Reinforced Earth Bridge Abutments in the Maritimes Short & Medium Span Bridge Conference 1994 K.Seow, B.Noel
10 Innovative Underpasses for Hwy 63, Syncrude, Alberta International Road Federation Conference 1994 R.Dunphy, L.Yasinko, B.Brockbank
11 Precast Arches as Innovative Alternative To Short Span Bridges International Bridge Engineer Conference 1995 B.Brockbank, P.Segrestin
12 Reducing Risks in Proprietary Retaining Wall Design CGS Conference 1995 P.Wu, B.Brockbank
13 An Aesthetic & Cost Effective Alternative for Peter Street Bridge Replacement Short & Medium Span Bridge Conference 1998 B.Brockbank, B.Ellis, H.Jagasia
14 Murs de Soutenement Prefabriques en Terre Armee AQTR 1999 B.Noel
15 Bridge Replacement Using Low Profile Three-Hinged Precast in Newfoundland CSCE Conference 2000 P.Proctor, K.Seow
16 Holdich Creek Culvert Replacement w/ Precast Arch Encased in High MSE Walls CSCE Conference 2001 B.Brockbank, S.Chan, D.Handley
17 Reinforced Earth - A Soil Reinforcement Technology's Contribution to Canadian Civil Engineering CSCE Conference 2001 P.Wu, R.K.MacKenzie
18 Advanced Loading Aspects of Reinforced Earth on Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Design CGS Conference 2002 B.Brockbank, M.Ropret, P.Wu
19 Cost Effective Alternative Bridge Replacement in Ontario CSCE Conference 2003 M.Ropret, P.Proctor, G.Schwendinger
20 Design of A Reinforced Earth Wall for Contingent Loading and Longevity CGS Conference 2003 B.Brockbank, D.Essery, P.Wu
21 Case Study: Tuscany Nosehill Arch, Calgary, AB CSCE Conference 2004 B.Scherger, T.Brunet, N.Trapp
22 New Brunswick Route #126 (Kouchibouguac River Bridge No.5) Realignment, Right-of-Way and Staged Construction Techniques TAC Conference 2004 P.Proctor, L.Miller
23 CMC (Controlled Modulus Columns): Potential Application to Canadian Soils with A New Trend in Ground Improvement CGS Conference 2004 F.Masse, B.Brockbank, S.Pearlman
24 Pre-cast Concrete Segmental Arch Design on Piled Foundations CGS Conference 2004 P.Proctor, D.Essery, B.Brockbank
25 Replacement of a Timber Trestle with an MSE Retaining Wall System CN Rail, Yale Mile 118.93 Trestle Replacement Innovative Use of MSE and Staged Construction Techniques TAC Conference 2005 G.Nowak, D.MacDonald, D.Essery, B.Brockbank
26 Case Study: Highly Loaded MSE Bridge Supporting Structure, Syncrude NMAPS Conveyor Overpasses CGS Conference 2005 B.Scherger, W. Mimura, B.Brockbank
27 Incorporating Art Into Bridge Design - Single and Multiple Span Precast Concrete Arch Applications Short & Medium Span Bridge Conference 2006 P.Proctor, J.Shall
28 Coxheath Road Bridge Reconstruction Staged Construction Using Innovative Geotechnical Designs TAC Conference 2006 P.Proctor, P.Wu
29 Use of MSE Wall Structures in Staged Construction on Compressible Soils, 156 Street/Yellowhead Trail Interchange, Edmonton, AB CGS Conference 2006 P.Boos, S.Smith, R.Clementino, B.Brockbank
30 Mitigating Risk to Renew Infrastructure - Municipal Bridge Replacement in Ontario CSCE Conference 2007 P.Proctor, G.Schwendinger
31 Design of MSE Walls with Complex Geometry CGS Conference 2007 B.Brockbank, R.Chi
32 Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) for Snider Diamond Rail to Rail Grade Separation CGS Conference 2007 M.Ropret, A.Aly, S.Bowers
33 Multiple applications of Reinforced Earth technologies for industrial mining structures – Georgia Pacific Mining design/build turnkey project International Symposium Kyushu Japan 2007 P.Proctor, P.Wu
34 Design considerations of earth reinforced structures using inextensible reinforcements in heavy load surcharge support capacity International Symposium Kyushu Japan 2007 P.Wu, W.J.Brockbank
35 Development and Application of MSE Technology for Newfoundland and Labrador Highway Infrastructure CSCE Conference 2008 G.Jin, P.Proctor
36 Construction de Culee Mixte - Construction of a False Bridge Abutment CSCE Conference 2008 P.Monast, P.Proctor
37 Up-Grading Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls CSCE Conference 2008 M.Ropret, B.Wong
38 MSE Submerged Walls Assist Waterfront Development, Chestermere, Alberta CGS Conference 2008 P.Boos, R.Bassett, B.Brockbank,M.Park
39 Bishopville Road Arch, Nova Scotia Reduction of Excavation for Soil Foundation Improvement TAC Conference 2008 P.Proctor, A.G.MacDonald
40 Innovative Backfill for MSE Wall CSCE Conference 2009 M.Ropret
41 Sustainable use of alternative non-soil backfills for MSE walls CGS Conference 2009 P.Wu, B.Brockbank
42 Dynamic Analysis of a Reinforced Earth Wall Vancouver Geotechnical Society Conference 2010 A.Amini, B.Brockbank, E.Naesgaard
43 MSE Walls in Trinidad use Innovative Geoynthetic Soil Reinforcement CGS Conference 2010 B.Brockbank, M.Park
44 Reinforced Earth Solutions for Rail Applications in Canada GEORAIL 2011 International Symposium 2011 B.Brockbank, P.Wu

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