Central Canada

Clemmer Bridge, Perth East, Ontario

This project achieved the milestone of being the the first TechSpan application in Ontario. The project features 10 m of TechSpan arch and 233 m2 of TerraClass wall with smooth, grey finish. Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. secured a contract to supply the Reinforced Earth package directly to the project Owner, the Township of Perth East.

The arch concept replaced an original rigid frame design and the Owner realized a significant net savings with the Reinforced Earth structure vs the original design. The TechSpan structure was erected using the Owner’s own forces.

Installation of the arch was completed in one day. Head walls and wingwalls were completed over the next week and the roadway was re-opened one month ahead of schedule.

Hwy 407/CPR Havelock, Ontario

The project features 1708 m2 of TerraClass walls. The project Owner is SLF Joint Venture. This true bridge abutment is the second application of this design methodology on a 400-series highway in Ontario, and the first adjacent to a rail line. The Reinforced Earth system was selected by the project Contractor as part of a four-structure package for the East Partial Extension of Toll Highway 407. RECO’s proven track record in providing technically sound MSE solutions was the basis of the Contractor’s selection of the RECO package.

Hwy 427/Morning Star Drive, Ontario

The project features 478 m2 of TerraClass wall with smooth grey finish. The project Owner is the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO). Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. initially identified this project in 1992. In the period of time since then, RECO has worked directly with the project Consultant to provide a design that was fully compatible with the overall project design. The bridge structure is part of a project that will provide a vital road link between two (2) jurisdictions on either side of a major highway. MTO committed to provide this road link several years ago when a dangerous at-grade highway intersection was closed. Material supply was provided on a fast-track basis to satisfy a tight construction schedule.

Hwy 8, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

The project is located in Kitchener–Waterloo and the owner is the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. supplied 3780 m2 of Terraclass wall with smooth grey finish and 45 m2 of TerraTrel wall for the East-South ramp. The wall height reached a maximum height of 13 meters at the north abutment.

It is worth noting that the Reinforced Earth system is the only retained soil system in Ontario that is approved for heights in excess of 10 meters. As Montgomery Creek, just north of the E-S ramp, was designated as “Environmentally Sensitive Area (E.S.A.)”, it was important to cause the least disturbance during construction. Reinforced Earth wall was the clear choice due to its technical, economical and environmental advantages over the cast-in-place alternative.

John Street, Markham, Ontario

This municipal project was comprised of 1881 m2 of Cruciform wall and 152 m2 of TerraTrel wall. The project Owner is the Town of Markham. This high-profile project improves an important link in the local road network. Ashlar Stone architectural finish was included to satisfy aesthetic requirements.

The project Consultant selected a Reinforced Earth solution at the outset of the project design due to its technical and aesthetic features, and cost-effectiveness versus traditional cast-in-place (CIP) construction. Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. worked closely with the Consultant through two major project design revisions. A repeat client awarded the supply contract to RECO. The project construction proceeded smoothly and the Owner, Consultant, and Contractor have expressed satisfaction with the final product.

LBPIA Satellite Maintenance Depot, Ontario

The project’s Owner is the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA). The contractor is a repeat and current customer. The project features 738 m2, 132 meter long TerraClass wall with smooth grey finish. The new wall tied in to an existing wall supplied by RECo. RECo worked with consultant in the pre-bid stage to ensure the compatibility of the overall design with the Reinforced Earth system. The project was a good showcase for RECO, prompting another contractor to award RECO a 1900 m2 job for a new Taxiway, just a few hundred meters north of this project, despite the fact that another wall system was specified at the time of the tender.

Morgan Underpass, Quebec

A complete redevelopment was required for the accident prone major highway interchange at Morgan Road and Highway 20 in the west end of Montreal Island. This project for some 3300 m² of fractured fin architectural finish panels and 750  l.m. of precast  jersey barriers was tendered in a very competitive environment. The contractor picked Reco based on good past experience and a proven track record on provincial transportation ministry projects. With safety driving the schedule for completion, the tight multi phased design-built walls and jersey barrier were challenging for Reco. Work was phase to keep the heavily used commuter highway open during through out construction. RECo modular Terraclass system was designed to easily transition between various phases without requiring excessive temporary structures or expensive transition solutions.

Pont Mgr Langlois, Quebec

Long high ramp walls, up to 7m high, 1390m2, 392 l.m. of precast coping and the  contractor cast a horizontal leg barrier and curb to accommodate anchors for steel railings. RECo’s alternate submitted by the contractor Tec-Est, replaced the specified expensive CIP design. Partially built underwater (600 mm) precast leveling pads 4m long were used to further simplify construction and condense the tight schedule. A Fractured Fin architectural finish was used to enhance this structure which is directly adjacent a residential neighborhood. The project owner MTQ and the Design consultant SNC-Lavalin are pleased with the success of alternate solution and the timely completion of the project.

Fairmount TechSpan, New York

The New York State Department of Transportation advertised to replace an aging bridge on Fairmount Avenue with a precast concrete arch.  Due to the proximity of the project to the border, RECo USA (Terraclass retaining walls) and RECo Canada (Techspan) teamed up to bid the project. The final design was twin arches each with a span of 18m and interior height of 5.8m. The combined Techspan length was 35m. In order to keep the river crossing open during construction, half the existing bridge was demolished and replaced with half of each of the two arches. Traffic was then transferred off the remaining bridge onto the half completed Techspan. Then the remaining portion of the old bridge was demolished and the balance of the Techspan elements were erected and backfilled to complete the new structure without interruption to traffic. The project General Contractor - A & L Inc., Hamburg, New York was pleased with RECo’s proposed structure as it eliminated the need for an  temporary bridge while allowing them to keep the existing road alignment.

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