Mining and Industrial Applications

Froth tanks are supported on
Reinforced Earth foundation.

Reinforced Earth technology has been selected for numerous industrial applications for its high resistance to loading. Extensive research into sloping walls used in storage silos has created additional use applications including containment walls, discharge walls, glory holes and truck dumps. Reinforced Earth walls are used as containment facilities where resistance to explosions, accidental spillage, overflows, thermal shock or fire are critical considerations. In extreme situations industrial containment structures have been designed to withstand temperatures of -160 degrees C° for liquid natural gas and up to a flame temperature of 1100 degrees C°.

Industrial and mining clients have long appreciated the economy and durability of RECo products. The low cost and high load carrying capability of TerraTrel walls have made their economy second to none for the short design life structures often required by mining companies.

Reinforced Earth Slope Wall technology provides storage structures for bulk material handling. Typical structures include octagonal "glory holes" or slots. Dozens of such structures exist in Canada and abroad for coal storage from 10,000 to 100,000 tonnes and up to heights of 30 metres.

Techspan precast arches have been used for conveyor overpasses and surge pile loadout tunnels.

Dump walls up to 25 metres high have been constructed in Canada to support 400 Ton payload trucks dumping from the edge of the wall.

Reinforced Earth Slope Wall
Coal Storage Glory Hole

TechSpan Precast Arches
Converyor Tunnel under highway

Dump Walls
Oil Sands Truck Dump

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