Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) is a civil engineering company providing worldwide leadership in the design and supply of components for an innovative civil engineering material under the trademark Reinforced Earth .

Reinforced Earth Technology has four main characteristics:

  • It is a cost and time saving technology.
  • It has excellent performance in earthquakes.
  • It is a very adaptable material and can be utilized in a wide range of different applications.
  • It is reliable - known durability of materials and life span.

RECo has offices across Canada and provides products and services for traditional applications such as;

  1. roads and highways
  2. railways
  3. mining and industrial applications
  4. water environments.

Non-traditional applications have been quite varied and are limited only by the designer’s imagination.  Retaining structures using Reinforced Earth technology have been numerously applied in commercial, municipal or sports facility. 


Reinforced Earth technology was invented by French Architect/Engineer Henri Vidal in 1963.  It is a simple idea of combining earthworks and tensile reinforcements to create a new and strong composite material. This technology is now commonly used globally.


World Expertise

RECo is both flexible and strong, and is supported by strong parents Freyssinet and Vinci Group. With an annual volume of 1.265 million square metres in several thousand completed projects, over 500 engineers and support staff, and constant growth.


Local Experience

There are RECo Companies in over 40 countries on every continent. Each company has its autonomy in their management and decision-making and is able to adapt to local conditions as well as gaining the required insight into the technical and geotechnical conditions that are specific to each country.


Reinforced Earth, The Reinforced Earth Logo, TerraClass, TerraTrel, TerraNail, TechSpan, and TerraPlus are registered trade names and trademarks owned by Reinforced Earth Company Ltd.

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