Reinforced Earth®

Structural Facing

TerraClass facing panels are easily handled by placement crew

More than forty years ago, a new construction technology was invented consisting of a composite construction material of great strength and stability formed by the association of granular soil and reinforcement.

It was an invention that revolutionized the construction industry. High internal friction, generated between granular fill and strategically embedded reinforcing strips allows the transfer of stress from the soil into the strips providing the resistance the soil alone does not otherwise possess.

The Reinforced Earth mass is faced with attractive modular precast concrete panels. Facings can be readily adapted architecturally to suit the project requirements and provide erosion protection.

A Reinforced Earth structure is a single, coherent gravity mass that can be engineered for specific high resistance to both static and dynamic load requirements. Reinforced Earth is used in both mountain and urban highway projects for earth retaining structures and bridge abutments. This technology has been adapted to seawalls, dams, bulk storage facilities and through an ever increasing range of applications.

Reinforced Earth structures have provided effective structural solutions at significant cost savings and have been and accepted as standard practice by civil engineering authorities worldwide.

Easy Placement

Construction is repetitive and simple. Panels, strips, ganular fill, compaction

Positive Connection

Galvanized reinforcing strips are connected to concrete panels with structural bolt

Engineered Backfill

Alternating layers of reinforcing strips and backfill are applied and compacted

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