Research & Development

Finite Element Analysis of Terra Class Panel

The Reinforced Earth Group of companies invest a major part of its resources to research programs in the design of Reinforced Earth and Techspan.  Durability of the structures and the development of the technology of individual components are prime initiatives.Reinforced Earth is constantly researching new and innovative applications for the Reinforced Earth technology and has added related technologies including TechSpan. Technological Innovation is one of the cornerstones of the Reinforced Earth Group of companies.

The research into the design of structures is based upon laboratory analysis and actual full scale experiments and monitoring of structures. Material specimens, combined with mathematical models (FEM or FLAC) have made it possible to simulate and evaluate design methods. Many of the Reinforced Earth design evaluations have become the basis of current design standards and codes.

In-depth research has been carried out on reinforcing materials (steel, alloys, synthetics ) in order to optimize structure service life and ability to withstand severe and predictable conditions. Monitoring of built structures and long term behaviour (duration > 20 years) were conducted in order to enable accurate predictability of long term performance of Reinforced Earth structures. Component optimization (high adherence strips, facing panels, Techspan shape) has decreased costs while assuring performance.

The Reinforced Earth group research and development is lead by a technical steering committee known as SOILTECH which makes it possible for each company in the group throughout the world to share its experience. SOILTECH, which has registered 600 patents, has been able to develop advanced technologies based on thorough research, varied experiences and specific requirements. Inventiveness, research and combining technologies has maintained a product technological leadership position, while meeting the needs of our customers.

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