Services Overview

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) has an established and long term reputation, since 1970 in Canada, with worldwide expertise and local experience offering quality service and customer support.
Upon identification of a project RECo assists the Engineer in the evaluation of applications to provide cost effective solutions to load supporting problems. This includes a complete proposal outlining the concepts and economics involved. RECo then develops design drawings and pertinent specifications in cooperation with the Engineer for inclusion in the tender documents. Following the award of tender, RECo finalizes the design, provides construction drawings and enters into a contract with the owner or the successful bidder.

RECo then supplies all pre-manufactured components FOB on the truck at the job site or designated storage areas for installation by the contractor.

At the start of construction, and on an as required basis thereafter, RECo provides on-site guidance to the Contractor, Owner and Engineer for the successful completion of the Reinforced Earth structure.

RECO offers a knowledgeable, professional, service-oriented, in-house and experienced engineering and technical team, including bi-lingual capability in the design, material supply, and on-site installation guidance phases of each Reinforced Earth project. These services are all-inclusive in one package, commencing from the project feasibility stage through to project completion when our technologies are selected.

RECo carries professional Indemnity Insurance for its design and carries workman compensation insurance. RECo can provide bid perfomance and material bonds when required.

Reinforced Earth, The Reinforced Earth Logo, TerraClass, TerraTrel, TerraNail, TechSpan, and TerraPlus are registered trade names and trademarks owned by Reinforced Earth Company Ltd.

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