TechSpan is a state of the art, three hinged precast concrete arch system.   It is used for bridge and waterway applications.  They provide all the benefits of precast concrete structures plus a number of advantages over typical culvert, bridge and arch systems. 

TechSpan provides the ideal solution for short to medium span bridging with precast concrete segments that offer rapid and safe installation, without the need for scaffolding. TechSpan provides a long service life structure with superior seismic qualities and low maintenance requirements.

State-of-the-art design methods accurately define the radius of curvature of the arch to minimize tensile stresses. Unique precasting methods produce structures that conform to any and all geometric design parameters. Economical use of concrete and reinforcing steel provides maximum safety at the lowest possible cost. Advanced design procedures and fabrication capabilities allow for the use of arch structures in high-load applications not suitable for standardized systems. Simple, rapid, predictable construction with a small crew and conventional equipment is therefore achievable.

The proof of TechSpan's effectiveness is successful experience: since 1998 over 730,000 square metres custom designed TechSpan structures have been placed in service for highways, railroads, industry, and other uses.

Unlike any other precast arch system, each TechSpan structure is specifically designed-structurally and geometrically- for the particular application. RECo engineers use a custom finite element analysis program and funicular curve theory to define the optimum radius of curvature for an arch based on the project specific span length, soil coverage and construction sequencing requirements. This design produces the most efficient and economical sections in arching.

Speed of installation with TechSpan greatly reduces the over all costs. Typically during construction, there is no need to divert activity such as road traffic, streams, or rail traffic from under the span.  A work crew of three with a crane has typically erected 10 to 20 metres of TechSpan per day.

TechSpan permitted highway construction over environmentally sensitive creeks, without the need for scaffolding. All work was completed outside the creek banks

TechSpan tunnels can be built with live vehicular/rail traffic. Eliminating expensive detours.

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