Tender Process

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. provides complete technical and supply services for Reinforced Structures.

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. assumes design responsibility for the internal stability of the structure which is designed in accordance with the external factors (such as earth pressure parameters, surcharge, bearing capacity of underlying soils etc.) and specific soil and hydraulic conditions as defined by the Engineer.

Reinforced Earth Package

The “Reinforced Earth package” covers an all inclusive price per unit area of total facing, and includes:

  • Pre-engineering consultation and estimates.
  • Design drawings.
  • Pre-bid and pre-construction meetings.
  • Final design and construction drawings.
  • Supply of all pre-manufactured components.
  • Field construction guidance.


  • Technical and budgetary assessment in your project's feasibility.
  • Development of Reinforced Earth preliminary design, drawings and technical specifications for tender.
  • Technology and delivery schedule guidance to bidders.

Upon Award: 

  • Full Reinforced Earth engineering design, specifications and drawings.
  • Material supply and delivery coordination.
  • On-site guidance for Reinforced Earth installation.

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