TerraClass Applications

  • Retaining walls
  • Bridge abutments
  • Marine structures
  • Dams and water level control structures
  • Industrial-commercial applications
  • Material storage and handling facilities
  • Truck dumps
  • Railway structures

TerraClass is the most recognized product from Reinforced Earth , and is our trademark cruciform-shaped precast facing panel. The high durability and aesthetics of this facing has made it a favorite of Reinforced Earth clients since its introduction in 1970. Ship Lap Joints are a unique feature for drainage, flexibility, and post construction settlement. The system employs a simple and economical construction technique.

From small retaining walls for commercial development to large bulkheads at industrial terminals, Reinforced Earth has been selected for its design integrity while offering significant cost benefits that are often 20 to 50% below alternate solutions.

After placing the initial course of panels, in a staggered fashion, the first lift of backfill is spread and compacted. The steel reinforcements are placed and bolted to the panels. A lift of backfill is spread and compacted over the reinforcing strips. This procedure is repeated until the design height is reached. Regardless of height or length, the structure is stable during construction. Equipment may operate on any layer of backfill.

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