TerraPlus Applications

  • Low wall heights (less than 8 meters)
  • Simple geometry or alignments
  • Alternate to TerraClass
  • Great for architectural finishes

TerraPlus is a Reinforced Earth system similar to TerraClass , with the exception that it is faced with larger integral rectangular shaped precast concrete panels. The dimensions of TerraPlus panels are typically twice the size of TerraClass , at 1.5 meter high by 3 meters wide.

TerraPlus was developed in 1998 in response to a demand for low (< 8m high) walls where soil conditions have a good bearing capacity. Panels are rectangular with ship lap joints but with reduced ability to accommodate differential settlement or small radius alignment.

The TerraPlus system is intended to suit markets with lower wall heights and simpler horizontal alignments. It is also capable of architectural treatment application on the panel facing similar to TerraClass .

Terraplus walls are best suited for low straight retaining walls.

Rectangular Terraplus panels provide opportunity for complex architectural finishes.

A variety of standard Architectural finishes are available.

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