TerraTrel performs superbly in the following situations:

  • where aesthetics are as important,
  • where foundation settlement would cause significant distortion or cracking of concrete walls or facings,
  • shorter service life requirement
  • a 2-stage pre-consolidation is required
  • remote locations
  • where precast resources are scarce or expensive

TerraTrel wire-faced MSE wall system provides all the design advantages of traditional Reinforced Earth at a reduced cost.

The advantages of TerraTrel are evident by its use of lightweight materials that are easily installed without the use of a crane. These materials do not sacrifice strength, durability or flexibility to achieve the advantages of Reinforced Earth. Adjustable base panels accommodate wall construction on grade without the installation of costly footings.

Mining, material handling and remote location applications can now take advantage of Reinforced Earth technology without the cost of precast concrete facing panels. The cost and time advantages are also recognized for staged construction where traffic must be maintained then shifted, or as a replacement to sheeting and shoring.

TerraTrel is easily customized with battering and tiering

Select rock placed behind TerraTrel facing acts as an architectural façade

TerraTrel combined with TechSpan for stream crossing.

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