TechSpan is the most reliable, cost-effective precast concrete arch system available for the construction or replacement of culverts and bridges. Applications include road and rail grade separations, road over stream or river, and pedestrian walkways.

Advanced design procedures and unique fabrication capabilities provide the most efficient use of concrete and reinforcing steel. TechSpan is used in conjunction with reinforced earth head walls and wing walls, the efficiency and economy of design increases as the embankment height above the structure increases. Construction of TechSpan is simple, rapid and predictable with small crews and conventional equipment.

RECo introduced the TechSpan precast concrete arch system to Canada in 1989. It was first developed by the Reinforced Earth Group through its Spanish subsidiary. The technique utilized the Group’s knowledge of soil behavior and finite element analysis to develop customized funicular curve shaped arch shapes for each project.

Techspan elements are erected in a staggered manner reducing crane equipment requirements.

Segmental elements easily adapted to phased construction

Techspan is a cost effective grade separation solution with reduced maintenance due to elimination of the bridge deck

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