Western Canada

Grandview Cut West, Vancouver, British Columbia

This Reinforced Earth Wall consisting of 3383 m2, is the 2nd wall completed for Rapid Transit 2000 Ltd., forming a continuation of Millennium Line (Skytrain Expansion) within Greater Vancouver, BC.

The architectural finishes consist of fractured finish, raised relief, wave, and smooth-form finish. A wide variety of special blockout panels were also fabricated, and installed primarily along the base of wall to facilitate the installation of track drains, and electrical grounding wires.

The wall was entirely constructed within a narrow constricted corridor. The entire front of wall was constructed proximal to an active rail line operated by BNSF. Behind the wall the site was confined by steep near vertical embankment cuts rising upwards to the downtown core. The shadows cast upon the wall are due to overhead light rail lines, and existing City of Vancouver bridges.

Confederation Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Another RECo project for the City of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. The consultant is Stantec Consulting and the contractor is Graham Construction and Engineering. Graham Construction own forces installed the walls. This is the largest project constructed in Saskatchewan to date.

The project consists of 4 false bridge abutments and one other wall for a total area of 4071 m2 all with fractured fin finish. All walls are built on a 1:12 batter with many special cut panels at many corners. This complex geometry was very well executed in design by our Engineering Department and during precasting.

Wall installation began on June 4 and completed in mid September, 2001 with peak installation rates up to 70 panels per day (150 square metres). Both the owner and contractor have expressed their high satisfaction level with our service and products on this job.

Bedding Twinning, Calgary, Alberta

This large 3560 m2 project was designed by Stantec Consulting Ltd. and Campbell Woodall and Associates Consulting Engineers Ltd. The owner is the City of Calgary. The contractor is Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd.

The project Included 5 retaining walls with exposed Calgary aggregate  finish. Precast coping was supplied for one wall and the rest have a cast in place “L” shaped barrier. The maximum height of the walls is 7.67 metres.

Holdich Arch, Revelstoke, British Columbia

This 10m span arch was designed, priced, and delivered to site under a fast tracked timing schedule.  RECo’s rapid deployment eliminated the need for a temporary structure until the replacement structure was in place.  This structure was required to replace a section of road on Highway 23 North, which was washed-out during spring runoff earlier in 1999. The arch and walls were erected over an approximate one-month period primarily during November 1999, and as of early December traffic is once again running over this road.

RECO supplied directly to the British Columbia Purchasing Commission, and worked closely with the consultant SNC-Lavalin to provide this structure. The precast walls are in excess of 20 metres high, and the first structure to use precast panels around an arch of this wall height. The aesthetics are further complimented by the use of a precast collar around the arch periphery. The owner was BCMoth of Revelstoke, BC.

Puntledge River Bridge, British Columbia

This Reinforced Earth project commenced construction in 1999 and finished construction in June of 2000 as one of the last structures to be completed on the Vancouver Island Highway Project. 

The structure incorporates twin box culverts extending through the return walls of the structure to allow the flow of water through the structure during flooding events. To accommodate the Ministry of Highways concerns regarding the potential for erosion of soils beneath the structure, the entire structure was founded on bedrock to eliminate the potential for erosion beneath the walls. To further accommodate and ensure adequate drainage could be accommodated by our wall system during heavy flood seasons the bottom 3 meters of our wall system was backfilled with a clean rockfill to promote good drainage along the entire base of the structure. 

The wall scope was 2755 m2, and was constructed utilizing our plain Terraclass panels.

Shell Oil Sands, Alberta

This large truckdump structure was awarded by direct purchase order to RECo from the project owner, Shell Canada Ltd. through Muskeg River Contractors. The contract also includes a smaller Silo Wall structure. The construction contractor for the truckdump was North American Construction. Lean oil sand backfill was utilized in the Reinforced Earth volume.

The truckdump wall was supplied with 6801 m2 of un-galvanized TerraTrel . The truckdump erection started  April  2001 and was completed in mid June 2001. The 465 m2 Silo Ramp wall was galvanized TerraTrel ) to meet the longer service life expected.

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